Different connections in my eye

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Different connections in my eye
刘子畅 高一(1)
Nowadays people are connected with each other tightly by different kinds of things due to different kinds of needs. But what are they, and why are we supposed to be connected? Why?
The answers are varied according to different kinds of people. For officers, if they corporate with workmates, their work could be done more efficiently and they will probably be paid better, therefore, officers should be connected in order to create more financial goods. People from different countries like to communicate and share interests of their own, that’s how people get experienced. Though the reasons vary, but they do have some thing in common. All those connections bring us good effects  
For teenagers in my age, the advantage of connecting people is obviously to be noticed. Once I read a book and was impressed indeedly by the lucky story which happened to a school-aged orphan.  He lives in a shelter in Washington with other orphans together. One day, the 4th president of united states Bill Mechelle went there to visit those children. As the time the president arrived there, the kids were playing games with their teachers except David, who was sitting on the ground alone playing a toy train quietly. The president wondered why the small boy didn’t want to join the game so he went to talk with David and asked why. After hearing the reason that David thought it was boring to talk with others, he explain to David that even it’s boring, it is still very important for David to communicate with his friends and share his feelings with them because, they live together in the orphan house and won’t feel happy if they aren’t connected to others, who are their only family and friends.
After that, David tried his best to get on with other orphans and finally felt that he belonged to one of the groups, eventually the family.
That was just a beginning of the whole story, later David became one of the world’s best sell men at that time.
We can infer from the story that if someone knows how to connect others and communicate with people around them, they will be a socialized person and a bright future is just on the way, otherwise they will be a outsider among the world for all their life.
As for us, to connect with our classmates and friends is also very important, we spend most of our daytime with each other and we go trough all things together.
It turns out to be like that if all students in the same class are tightly connected, this class is usually the best one in its grade. Because students not only share their ideas toward things but also bring out the plan together according to the best ideas.
All in all, though the subjects of connection vary, the good effects they made are in different hands. They improve the quality of our daily life and turns our one and only earth more like a GLOBAL VILLAGE, a big family, in which we help each other and live with harmony and happy life, and schools are like a smaller society and students and teachers live their life here being connected, teenagers grow up and have education in the school learning how and what they should do to connect people around them.
During every single day, my dear friends and I grow up being connected, the difficulties those we pulled through together proved me one certain thing---connecting people and growing together is the effective method either to deal with problems or to enjoy the happiness which can’t be discovered along by oneself.  


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