My Favorite Section in a Shopping Mall(五年级优秀作文之八)

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My Favorite Section in a Shopping Mall
五(3)  向丛蕾 
My favorite section in a shopping mall is the stationery section.
The stationery section is really cool. There are some pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks. They’re all colorful. Some in pink, some in blue, some in yellow, too. Recently, there are some beautiful notebooks on sale. My favorite item is notebooks because they are useful and I like collecting them, too. Now, the pens are more expensive than the erasers. Some of the pens are the most expensive. Typical pencils are very cool because they’re beautiful and they’re not very expensive. The notebooks are exciting for us because there are more kinds here than in the other sections.
I love to go to a stationery section in a shopping mall. How about you?
                 My Favorite Sections in a Department Store
                             五(3)     李昊昕
My favorite sections in a department store are the pet section and the fruit section. There are lots of people buying things in a department store.
The pet section in a department store is noisy and colorful. There are lots of pets with different colors, such as dogs, some cats, some fish and other pets. I like the dogs best because they are cute.
The fruit section is noisy, too. Many people like to eat fruit so it’s always crowded in the fruit section. And there are many different kinds of fruit, such as apples, pears, lemons and etc. As the saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, I always go to the fruit section with my mom on Sundays to buy a lot of fruit for my family and share it everyday just after dinner.
I like the fruit section and the pet section. What about you?
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